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November 06, 2016

Notitarde/Show Business/Eduardo Andrés Muria

For Kruphoelter Nunes it is not a limitation to break into the industry with a "not commercial" genre and assures that he is aware of it. However, this does not weaken the desire to spread his talent. "This album is a cover letter. We know that this style of music is not commercial. But it is a passion. I also work in parallel as a guest musician and I am a sound engineer. I support other bands from that facet, "he says.

"La Capsula" was produced in Valencia-Venezuela, consists of seven songs; Five are own and two are versioned. In the production of the disc participated Carmelo Medina, guitarist of Guaco and "Wilolo" Pinto, director of San Luis, Vos Veis, Ilan Chester and Mariana Vega.

November 28, 2016

Noticias24 Carabobo/Entertaiment/Eulymar Vargas Morillo

With a path already walked and faithful to his passion, Kruphoelter Nunes decided to show the world his talent now as a soloist. With "La Capsula" debuts in the market, a proposal that bets on Jazz and instrumental music.

At the beginning of its trajectory it shares platform with local bands, it decides to expand its knowledge attending to Playerschool of music located in Clearwater, Florida USA, where it receives classes of the recognized Bassist Jeff Berlin.

Is part of the renowned band of Venezuelan Ska Mata Rica, with which he performs national and international tours, participates in numerous TV programs and obtains National awards such as the Mara de Oro award. In addition they manage to place their subjects in the first places of rating. In 2010 he is hired by an American company as a stage musician to join the band Nakedown and moves to the United States for 3 years. At the end of his work he returned to Venezuela to join the progressive rock band NO VOICES and perform the national tour of 2014. That same year he was invited to the Progressive Nation at Sea Festival through the band Brotherhood, sharing stage with Mike Pornoy Of Dream Theater) Billy Shehan (bass player of MrBig) Jon Anderson (Yes) and bands like Animal as Leaders and Transatlantic. At the end of 2014 he travels to Spain to take part in the National Tour of the renowned Madrid Orchestra Calle 45, culminating the tour, he returns to Venezuela where he currently works with the new Maralha do Muro Jazz band and recording his solo album Fusion "La Capsula".

The disc is available on digital platforms. To know more about his work, you can follow him on facebook: Danny Kruphoelter Nunes.

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