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"With effort and dedication you can achieve anything.

"With 20% talent and 80% of practice and study we can go far"

Danny Kruphoelter Nunes was born in Valencia, Venezuela on March 18, 1981. His father, a musician by profession introduces the music and the musician profession to him  as a vocation and way of life. At 15 years old, he begins to interest in the electric bass, he is taught by distinguished teachers of the city such as Ricardo Martinez (session bass player and mucisian of numerous international artists), Franco Nasi (alumnus of Berklee College of Music).

At the beginning of his career playing with local bands, he decided to expand his knowledge by attending Playerschool of Music, located in Clearwater, Florida USA, where he receives classes of the renowned bassist Jeff Berlin.

On his return to Venezuela, he participates in bands such as FEITIZO (Ska) and KACTUS (jazz band) sharing the stage with artists like Ricardo Arjona, Cristian Castro, Alejandro Fernandez and Vocal Sampling. He is part of the renowned Venezuelan Ska band MATARICA, with which performs International-national tours. This band participates in numerous TV shows, earns awards such as the National Mara de Oro, and manages to place its songs in the top rating.

In 2010, he was hired by an American company as a stage musician to join the band NAKEDOWN and moved to the United States for 3 years.

After finishing his work, he returns to Venezuela to join the progressive rock band NO VOICES and performs the national tour of 2014. That same year, he is invited to the Progressive Nation at Sea Festival through the BROTHERHOOD band, sharing stage with Mike Portnoy  (Dream Theater), Billy Sheehan (Mr.Big), Jon Anderson (Yes), and bands like Animals as Leaders and Transatlantic.

At the end of 2014, he travels to Spain to join the national tour of the renowned orchestra of Madrid CALLE 45. After culminating the tour, he returns to Venezuela where he currently works with the new Jazz band Maralha do Muro and records his solo album LA CAPSULA (fusion).

Currently he is in MIAMI Florida United States, he is dedicated to play with great artists for American tours, among BAHIANO (Former LOS PERICOS Lead Singer), JOEY MONTANA, BACHACO(world tours), MULATO and locals bands like THE UNITY BAND and JIMMY DREADS among others.


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